tiistai 18. syyskuuta 2012

Photo a day 12-17

Yes, I'm a wee bit behind with my photo a day September. So here's the last six of them in a bunch.

We actually built this fort together. This is new. Before, not very long time ago, all we could do with legos was me building something and her smashing it to pieces after two or three blocks.

This is my table. No legos here.

My favorite girl eating her favorite food (spagetti) and favorite veggie (green peas) from her favorite (dinosaur) plate. A little show for the camera going on there.

One of the first things I see in the morning is the big cat on our bedroom wall. (That is, if I've actually slept in our bedroom and not fallen asleep on the couch..) It's a fabric by Marimekko that I've stretched over a styrofoam plate with my staple gun (a thin layer of wadding in the middle to make it look smoother). Love it!

This is the strangest thing. When my sewing room was finished last spring I moved some of my orchids over there. I think I haven't remembered to water them even once during the summer (it's upstairs and all!) and they should be dead by now. But they're in bloom, can you believe it!!

And finally a peek in our fridge. Not much in the top shelf, but some pickled beetroots and apple jam. It looks very tidy from this angle...


There you go, a mix match collection of little snapshots of ordinary everyday things. A peek in to our life, really.

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