sunnuntai 23. syyskuuta 2012

Ordinary autumn colours

Scavenger hunting is so much fun! When looking for items that someone else came up with, one tends to stumble upon things that otherwise would have been missed. That's the beauty of it, opening your eyes for something new!

That being said, I must admit that sometimes it's just too much to find the perfect thing to shoot. This one for example is very obviously cracked and I would have wanted to find something more suprising (and less boring). But this one fits the prompt (almost too well) so here it is.

No explanation needed here. They're fallen, out of a tree. Not the same tree, though. 

I wasn't completely sure what they wanted with this prompt. I mean, what is ordinary, colourwise? Well, this here is common and kinda plain, does that make it ordinary?

But bokeh I know! Bokeh is my new friend! And this one most definitely is not an ordinary colour!

This is our old fence, still standing! I love the bluish lichen on it. This, by the way, was one of those times when I was so glad my neighbours didn't see me!

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12 kommenttia:

  1. Wow, your fallen picture is wonderful. Such lovely colours

    Herding Cats

  2. I think your cracked photo turned out to be a perfect shot. It has nice color and texture and fits the prompt perectly. Your fence photo is great. I love how it is aging.

  3. That fallen leaf is stunning, I have never seen a leaf with orange veins!

  4. Great shots, Magdaleena - love Fallen and Ordinary Color!

  5. Your Cracked photo may be an obvious choice, but I love the color and texture.

  6. Great set - I especially love ordinary color and bokeh.

  7. Fabulous set. I love the way you've presented your set.
    My favorites: Cracked - Obvious, yes but certainly not boring.
    Fallen - Gorgeous colored leaf.
    and Fence - Loving the weathered look and the Lichen.

  8. Awwww, thanks guys!!! <3 By the way, no added texture used at the 'cracked', I only tuned the colours a bit, the original was too bright for me. =)

  9. Very cool! I love the lichen covered fence. Good job!

  10. I loved all of these and just how do you get the labels on your photos. So very classy!

  11. Great shots this week I loved them all!


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