sunnuntai 7. lokakuuta 2012

Sunny Shadow Sunday

Back to Scavenger hunting! I've been so exited on my new hobby (medieval handicraft) that it's taken over all my free time. But since our little dinosaur is in a rock concert with her godmother today, I've had plenty of time to do both handicraft AND photographing! Great!

Here's my take on this weeks Scavenger Hunt items.

At first I was going to go out to photograph as usual, but since the sun came inside for me I decided to stay with it. Here's my favourite glass in the whole world. We've got a pair of these, bought them for our wedding. So beautiful, both the glass and our wedding! And look what a magical shadow it makes!

These old keys came with the house, but I don't think the locks for them exist anymore. 

I tried to make my husband smile for the camera but he went all shy on me. Isn't he cute! That's my new medieval hat in his head, I thought it might make a fun picture, him with my huge hat.

Here's the same hat a little closer. Unedited, all I did was crop and title.

I have all kinds of beautifully coloured spices in my spice rack, but I was lazy and chose the ones that would make the smallest mess when spreaded on a table: Bay leafs.  But is bay leaf a spice or a herb?

Have a nice sunday folks, I hope it's sunny in your part of the world too!

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  1. what a great set!! i looked for keys like that all week but i couldn't find any!!

    pretty green glass, spice is my favorite!!


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